Here are some of the things that people are saying about ‘Pride and Joy’:

“This lively and informative book, which includes the voices of children as well as parents, eloquently brings alive the findings of more than 30 years of research showing that LGBT families are just as likely to be happy families as are other kinds of families.”  Susan Golombok, Director, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge.

“Sharing voices like the Hagger-Holts have done here sets us all up – whatever our gender, sexuality, partnership or parenting status – to be what we all want to be at heart. Good parents. Pride and Joy is refreshingly honest, free of bash-you-over-the-head political bleating. Instead, it offers a practical and ongoing conversation starter that is clearly written from experience and with love.”  Gideon Burrows, author, ‘Men Can Do It! The real reason men don’t do childcare’. Read the full review on the Huffington Post

“Pride and Joy is a must read for anyone interested in beginning a Rainbow family. The personal stories provide insight into what can be a very confusing time. Excellent!”  Genta Sebastian, award-winning author of ‘Riding the Rainbow’ and other novels with rainbow families.

“LGBT family identity is thriving in the UK. It’s about time we had an up to date book that explores and celebrates our diverse stories. This is a fascinating read.”  Hannah Latham, editor of ‘We are Family’ magazine.

“Pride and Joy is a fascinating, comprehensive look at LGBT parenting full of diverse personal experience and accessible advice, which should be on the shelves of every LGBT parent.”  Kate Harrad, editor of ‘Purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain’.

“This is the most perfectly-titled book I have ever come across, a fact which became increasingly evident as I read it – in one sitting – and found it to be so warm and upbeat, a book that is truly full of pride and joy.” Karen Hall of Sprogcast. Read the whole review here.

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