on-shelf‘Pride and Joy’ covers a huge range of LGBT parenting topics. The book is divided into four sections, and also includes special features which highlight some issues in greater depth.

Starting your LGBT family

The first section explores the experiences and expectations that influence attitudes to becoming parents, and the different possible routes to parenthood. Read an extract from the first chapter of ‘Pride and Joy’.

If you’re interested in starting a family, or want to know more about the adoption process, what it’s like to choose a sperm donor, or how to find a surrogate, this is the place to begin. This section raises questions unique to LGBT families, and gives answers that you won’t find in mainstream parenting books.

Coming out as a family

There’s far more to parenting than pregnancy, birth or adoption. That’s why in the second section we look at what it’s like being out as LGBT parents in some familiar settings, including antenatal classes, family gatherings and the school playground.

Dip in here if you want to see how the wider world reacts to LGBT families, and to find advice to help with being out and about. Read an extract from the ‘School’s Out’ chapter in this section..

Creating new forms of family

This third section reflects on some of the things that make LGBT families different. By opening up new understandings of gender roles, re-examining the nuclear family and showing how significant non-biological relationships are, LGBT families can offer new insights to all kinds of families.

If you want to wrestle with some of the big questions about what it means to be an LGBT family today, this is the place to begin. Read extracts from the ‘Biology isn’t destiny’ and ‘Gender agenda’ chapters in this section.

Who do we think we are?

In the final section, we look at questions of identity.

If you’re wondering how to talk with children about what it means for them to be part of an LGBT family, how to help them deal with change or how to maintain a positive LGBT identity for yourself and your family, then this is the section for you. Read an extract from the ‘Staying Gay’ chapter in this section.

Special features

‘Pride and Joy’ includes special features covering:

LGBT parents in the 1970s; LGBT asylum seekers and parenthood; Cross-cultural relationships; Relationships under pressure; Being an ally of LGBT parents; Parenthood is not for everyone.